Lazy Day Uniform


Hey Guys!

I do hope you’ve all been great and had a fantastic week to boot! As I type this, I have the song ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black playing in my head…if you know, you know. It’s a catchy tune okay? Please don’t judge me.

So why ‘Lazy Day Uniform’? Well two reasons, first if you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know I kinda have a thing for the combination of the colours black and blue, as can be seen here and here. And also, this particular outfit is my ‘go-to’ outfit when I need to go somewhere and I can’t think of anything else to wear just because it’s so easy to put together and looks great (at least according to me it does)! We all have those outfits, right?

So basically all I do is pair my denim sleeveless coat as pictured with my staple black jeans and a slightly long inner black top (just because the outer coat is open – stara you know, lol). You just can’t go wrong with such a combination! Basically you have a completely basic outfit underneath that you can pair with literally any piece of long outerwear over top. This also gives you a great opportunity to work with pops of colour or any beautiful patterns! But you know me, I’m as basic as basic gets lol. So feel free to play around with this idea to come up with an outfit that suits you!

Otherwise, thank you so much for reading. I do hope that this tiny bit of insight from little ol’ me helped and don’t forget..

Dida Loves You x


Scarf – Fashion Buffet

Inner Top – Noesah Designs

Jeans – Mr. Price

Denim Coat – Thrifted

Bag  – Michael Kors

Shoes – New Look


Photography – Sabrina Said



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